What is it?

Bloom Kombucha is a delicious, energizing, probiotic tonic. Organic tea and organic sugar are blended and cultured with healthy bacteria and yeast. The result is a tart and sweet beverage with a complex flavor, naturally effervescent, and full of living, healthy bacteria similar to yogurt or kefir.

Bloom Kombucha is brewed with a blend of the finest organic black and green teas and then fermented for a beautiful balance of tart and sweet that never obscures the fruity and floral flavors of the tea. 

While always delicious, Bloom Kombucha has some natural variance from batch to batch, even bottle to bottle. Each bottle is its own culture and has its own slightly different flavor. A living ‘baby’ grows in each bottle, a sign of its vitality as a living food.

Why does Bloom Kombucha taste different from other kombuchas I've tried?

Bloom Kombucha is different from other kombuchas on the market. Many other brands of kombucha begin with a highly acidic, vinegary tasting base to which fruit juices and other ingredients are added to make the flavor. The taste of the tea is often lost and possibly also many of the active, probiotic bacteria. Bloom Kombucha is brewed for a balanced and complex flavor. It is very much alive (the baby!) and the delicious flavor of the tea remains.


What are its uses?

Bloom Kombucha is a delicious drink, complex and alive. Drinking a bottle creates a natural high, full of antioxidants from tea, probiotics and acids from healthy bacteria, some caffeine, a bit of glucose, and a touch of alcohol. The combination is truly energizing and there is no come down.

Bloom Kombucha is a fermented food. An ancient beverage, kombucha has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Our modern diets are missing fermented foods crucial for digestive health. The flavors of fermented foods are complex and delicious. Bloom Kombucha is never pasteurized.

The small amount of alcohol, B vitamins, and caffeine from the tea also make Bloom Kombucha a very effective hangover remedy! Some people have reported using Bloom Kombucha as a pre-hangover tonic before or at the end of a night of drinking to good effect for the next morning.

Remember, Bloom Kombucha has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


How much alcohol does it have?

The production of alcohol is a natural part of the kombucha process. Bloom Kombucha has a trace of alcohol, generally between 1% and 1.5% alcohol by volume, the equivalent of drinking a quarter of a 12 oz beer. The blissful effects of Bloom Kombucha are not from a high alcohol content, but some people not used to drinking alcohol might feel a slight effect when drinking it Bloom Kombucha.

Bloom Kombucha is not recommended for use while pregnant since it contains alcohol and is a raw food. It is also not recommended for someone in recovery who does not want to consume any alcohol.